Monday, May 21, 2012

Malakoff University Duathlon Series 2012 - UPM

Racing in UPM is one of my favourite. This race course favours strong riders and fast flat course runners. with a few small hills to climb, this is a course where tactics is needed to have a guaranteed victory. UPNM has never lost in UPM.

Game Plan
After some short briefing with the team, planned the tactics and discussed race pace, we went for warming up. My junior Lim Shimri doubted my tactics, he didn't confront me though, he expressed his worries to his batchmate Tarmizi. I called Lim again, to reassure him that I've raced here more than anybody and my plan so far has never failed.  

The first run was kinda slow actually, the other participants just let us do the pace making. I fly mounted my bike, pushed off for the 2nd discipline. Lim was obviously too nervous, he went like 40km/h to catch up with the guys in front. The whole plan went haywire when some riders missed the boat, while me riding 300m behind the first group. I was gritting my teeth and muscles screaming in agony as I rode as hard as possible to bridge the gap. About 2 minutes or so, I managed to catch those  "good horses" =p Izzat, Affifudin, Afif, Haziq, Nain, Farhan, and few powerful riders were riding like man in possessed! 

As usual, my UPNM team rode 50km/h on the flat while sheltering our race leader Lim. Tarmizi was supposed to be the 2nd man, he went missing. Come to the final 2km, I saw the junction before that long long climb. The long straight stretch of road was the hardest for me, I went to the front and pulled the pack. With slight incline of the road, that 400m pull was a damn hard one, especially when u wanna maintain 39km/h. Few meters before the junction, I peeled off and opened up to launch Lim. I shouted at him to attack after the junction. He just said "yes sir!"

within minutes, he flew away while me panting like crazy at the back. Haha. with that huge margin, I was damn sure that his final run is gonna be an easy one. On the run, I slowed down to let Tarmizi catch me up. He has higher points than me, so it is better for him to be at the front just in case anything happen to Lim. 
From Left : Chin Chun from UTM, Aiman, Me, Tarmizi and Lim. 
we dominated the podium.

My parents were there, with our unexpected guests Ahmad. I was really happy so see him =)
Not forgetting my UIA friends, the race was merrier with them around making jokes. Huzaifah and Amirul were there too, so I introduced them to Kannan=) Suddenly Lim came to me, "sorry sir, shouldn't have doubted u sir." I was just laughing when he told me that. Next race will be at our home ground. It's gonna be an easy victory for Lim, his consistency racing all the series is something that our club can be proud of. =) 

Lastly, i went for another round to support other athletes. there's this girl with the "powered by jesus" running vest was carrying a paper cup she took from the water station 500m away. she told me she doesn't litter and will throw it after she crossed the finishing line. I was slapped by her words, really. =p

Off Racing, Facebooking
I guess the proverb "don't judge the book by its cover" really make sense. 
This girl Annie added me on facebook. I think I met her in Larian gemilang UM, but we've never talked face to face. I was laughing like crazy when commented "eat shit" in chinese. may be, all endurance racers curse disregard gender. If u are into this sport, u definitely understand what am I saying. we curse just to joke and release stress, we don't mean it in a bad way. =) She has lots of unexpected funny character. Also, she told me a big lie that she races for fun, not competitive.
This is the girl that I was talking - Annie Yee. KL Towerthon podium finisher. 
Go to her facebook and u will see more podium finish pictures. That's what she meant by being "not competitive"=p

awesome video made by IIUM X-Team =)

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