Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Marching Pain

This is the 3rd week since my last "normal" sleep. All the final year students are running out of time to get their projects ready. Same thing happened last semester. Some people say last minute effort, some people say we're lazy, some say lack sense of urgency. One thing for sure, they never understand cadet's life. 

This is one of the days when I had only 3 hours of sleep time and present myself for morning parade the next day. No complaint though, coz I know some didn't even sleep. Standing still while day dreaming, waiting for that 30 minutes parade to over. It feels like one hour, I'm serious. 

Talking is strictly prohibited during parade. So we self talk all the time, self pity, self motivate. More than a thousand people surrounding u, but all have their own thoughts, all self talk. It is really super quiet. 

Parade commander is like a dream stopper, he pulls u back to reality. His thunderous command will simply put your dreams to stop, in a split second. Then u tell yourself, "I'm a soldier". In a parade, some of the cadets will faint. No one can guarantee he/she won't faint in a parade. Come on, be realistic, we are all imperfect. We buck up our fitness, that's the way to reduce possibility of fainting. I used to march like 8 hours a day, I could feel all my joints and muscles after that. I always raise my legs high when I sleep, let my feet relax a little before the next session.

what the Gunnery Instructor always tell us :
1. go to toilet before parade
2. exercise in the evening
3. move your toes during parade
4. do water drill
5. sleep early

For me, 9 years Iron River survivor, those tips are like my routine. I do that without conscious thought, all auto pilot. There're so many things that I auto pilot during the day. For example, I have a tooth brush to clean my white shoes. One day I was in a rush and placed that tooth brush next to my real tooth brush (the one for my teeth). Next morning, I auto pilot again, took that shoes' tooth brush and put it into my mouth. It tasted like chalk. Hell yeah, white kiwi into my mouth. =p 

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