Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Wesak

Wesak Day is a holy day for the Buddhists, and a holiday for Buddhist cadet like me. 
Memories in this temple has coloured my teenage years, this is the place where I always ask for "help" =p As I stepped into the shrine hall, other than forgiveness of my sins, I always pray for spiritual strength to face my challenging military life. No matter how great a man is, it takes all in him to face his deepest fear, his courage will be tested to the edge where he feels himself so weak, tiny and useless. When all hopes are shattered, there's only God u can ask for help. Blessed with the inner strength, somehow I always managed to leap another step forward and go head to head with whatever challenge that stopped my way. 

At the Asoka Hall as promised, it has been years. I don't know till when I'll be doing this. 

This spot used to be the place where I cut bottles.

Thousands of devotees coming in and out the temple, volunteers' helping hand to ensure all activities go well is greatly appreciated. I used to be part of the work force, but not this year. Walking down the memory lane, my friends and I were given a classroom to overnight during Wesak eve. Despite working whole day long, we can never finish our jobs. There's a million things need to be done! 

U need many cooks to prepare vegetarian foods, but how many good cooks can produce yummy vegetarian foods to encourage people go vegetarian? U need many many hands to pluck flowers and put it into a nicely folded paper box, how many volunteers can fold paper box and pluck flowers? Shrine hall need to be cleaned, the whole temple compound will be decorated with lights and flags. we need good candle sellers so that more money can be donated. Tents to sell foods and flowers need to set it up before Wesak, bottles of water blessed by the monks must be ready to be distributed, and so much more...

All in all, we were like superman, they call us any time and we will do EVERYTHING!

Back to out room with the all types of incenses' and joss sticks' smell, took a quick shower and get some quality rest, another challenging day awaiting. I like the calmness of this temple especially at night, cooling night air made it even perfect for meditation. At the classroom, we arrange the chairs and sleep on it. I wonder why I never get backache =p

This weekend will be MUDS, donating blood definitely not a smart move from an athlete's perspective. It kills my performance. My inner voice is telling me, be grateful for all the success, do some good deed. The echo got even stronger as I walked into Asoka hall. My Ironman blood can save lives. =p This is my 4th donation I think, I don't even remember, and is my very first time not having the feeling of dizziness. Luckily the very well trained nurses are from Pusat Darah Negara, they give me more confidence. Their accuracy in poking into my veins has saved me from the unnecessary pain.

I lighted 2 oil lamps after donating blood, like I always do.
Having the monks to chant for us, may all of us be well and happy. 

Before I left, I saw this bunch of happy teenagers at the candle stall. It reminds me of my days as the volunteer, I used to shout my throat out to get people to buy these candles for the night procession. We aren't crazy people shouting for nothing, we just wanna be heard in the sea of people! =) Passer bys normally give that strange look to us, I'll just smile back and say "Happy Wesak, may u be well and happy". Although we don't earn a single cent from selling candles, we had lots of fun! =)
This is also an event to test your soft skills, and give u chance to meet new people in life =)

Poor lady asking for donation. She can easily earn 2 times my pay cheque within one day. I just hope she is really in need instead of pretending to gain sympathy.  

This is another song to share with the readers, by Lady Antebellum. Hope u enjoy =)

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