Friday, May 4, 2012


When I'm overwhelmed with the strong feeling of sadness and self pity, I knew very well that my fitness alarm is giving me signal that I've not been training hard enough. How special is that right? =) The upcoming weeks is gonna be extremely busy, 3 series of Malakoff University Duathlon Series, Bukit Besi Challenge and Inter battalion swimming competition. I'm really looking forward for all the races despite a little behind in my Final Year Projects. Sports is something so necessary to keep me happy.

This morning all the Aeronautics students buried themselves under stacks of thick notes preparing for tonight's tests. I love this subject because it is closely related to cycling, but I hate taking exams =p 

I always ask myself "Why can't I last 17 hours studying just like how I race Ironman?"

Good News
ALK have announced our weekend, I'm thinking of going to Penang this week. Looking at our military training schedule, seems like this might be my very last trip to Penang before graduation. However, this weekend is also Wesak Day. I have 3 options now :
1. be a good devoted Buddhists and work at the temple.
2. be a semi devoted Buddhists, pray then go home.
3. Go penang and have fun! 

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