Saturday, April 21, 2012

UIA Sports Psychology Seminar

Last night I had trouble to sleep, I was too nervous for today's forum in UIA. It's a formal forum, and I was wondering how many people will come to listen to my bed time stories. Nadea informed me that my session will be after the lunch break. Oh gosh! that's the best time to sleep =p If people sleep in your forum, that shows that u are a lousy speaker. I have high expectations for myself, I want my talk to be inspirational and give them beneficial input. When I aim to do well, I won't have a good night's sleep before D-day. It's alright for me because I know I can handle stress really well. My parents came and fetched us from UPNM, then I drove the kancil to UIA. Before that, of course I showed Amirul and Aiman those flowers that I've planted. =)

I prepared introduction slides of myself like what Nadea instructed me to do. 
Initially she told me....
 "yours will be second slot"
then she said....
 "make slides for presentation, changed to 3rd slot after lunch break"
lastly she told me....
 "it's a forum"

I was like "Yes Maam" all the time when she gives orders because she is a Black Belt Taekwondo, someone u shouldn't mess with. =p 

Look at those orange cones...

So Anis and Nadea welcomed us at the car park. The car park was reserved for us! For the very first time this Blue Kancil gets a reserved car park. Pathetic little kancil always get bullied on the road, now getting VIP treatment =p  I first thought Anis is a polite girl, within half an hour she showed her true colours =p Nadea escorted us to the hall, then invited us to the VIP room for breakfasts. She was appointed to be my LO and supposed to serve us. It felt really awkward because we are friends and now she has to serve us. So she kept laughing at one corner and we just helped ourselves with the food. We had Gatorade for the drink! This is really a sports forum!

Culture Difference
Then I went in to listen to the talk. I saw a few empty seats at the back row, so I just laid my butt. Next I was given this very strange stares by the others. I looked at Nadea and she said "Ni untuk pompuan la". 
Oh I've forgotten that I'm currently in UIA where guys and girls should sit separately! Haha. 
The guys will be addressed as Brothers and the ladies will be called Sisters. Dr Hariyati exchanged a few words with us before we enter the hall for my session. Her idea of making her students to write blog on academic lessons really impressed me! Not only the community get to learn, the students can practice their writing skills as well =) She really emphasizes on soft skills which needed by the students in future when they work. 

I drank a cup of tea during breakfasts. After that I kept going in and out the toilet for like 10 times before my talk! U see how sensitive my body is to the caffeine effect. Luckily everything was under control right before my forum. =p 

Things that I shared with them =) Sitting on my right is Mr Harmi Taazim the sports commentator.

Training is all about pushing your body to the limit, then rebuild it, the day after u come back stronger and wanting more. I started everything from zero, when I first joined RMC I was a nerd. what motivates me is my pride as a military man, and being a 3 times Ironman finisher drives me in all aspects of my life. My team mates and family are my greatest supporters, academically I have a team of study buddies to guide me just in case I miss classes for participating Ironman. For all my 3 Ironmans, I've never skipped class although I finished the race in pain. I told them how i handle my life as a cadet-student and triathlete. How The Star criticized me last year for losing the first leg of MUDS. Also, I told them my experience spat out blood during my 2nd Ironman and how to become an Ironman. The reason why I kept going was because Lance Armstrong once said "Pain is temporal and glory is forever".

Those are basically what I talked in the forum. Sitting at the front seeing no body sleeping, I felt relieved. Fuh! I've got a lot more to share actually, but due to time constraint, we had to cut it short. This is one of the way I can encourage more people to join this endurance racing community. It felt like less than an hour! I don't know how the students feel about the my talk, hopefully they get something out of it. This is the least I could do to contribute, in return of what this sport has given me. Questions thrown to me was too quick for me to think, it was lucky that within split seconds I managed to dig out a few good words to answer. Then I saw them nodded and clapped, I guess I did okay. 

To everyone that inspired me along my way, motivated me during my down time, gave me support when I needed, Thank You very much and I hope that u guys are proud to see me shine =)

Eating time again. We were very very well fed throughout the one day's session! haha=p
I spoke to this guy with the name of Shamsul who shares the same birth date with me, from Jalan Langgar Alor Setar too! what a coincidence! The only difference is that he was born one year earlier than me! =) He wants to become an Ironman after listening to the seminar! =)

From Left : Amirul, Arif, Me, Aiman, Nadea, Anis
Lastly before we left, we laughed and teased one another for about an hour. To all other new friends that I didn't mention here, It was really nice meeting u guys =)

I came home and spent my very last hour with parents before my leave pass expired. Eyes are swollen now, deprived of sleep. Thanks to UIA for inviting me, I'm truly honoured. 

Liaison Officer, U Have Done A Great Job For Keeping Us Entertained. =)


hari_sam said...

It was a pleasure and honor meeting you and was (am still am) inspired by your session. Thank you for sharing with my students at the seminar. We hope to see you here again soon.

Dr. Hari

Chan Jun Shen said...

Thanks for the compliment Dr. Hari. I felt the joy of being a student in UIA despite my time there was really short, campus life is so much fun compare to my university. The culture difference was a good eye opener for me. I had a great time talking to your students too =)