Wednesday, April 25, 2012

It's all about the book and the bike

I never liked Monday, and I'm not a morning person. With MUDS just around the corner, I have no choice but to give more commitment to my training. Workouts which make my heart pound very very hard was never my favourite, but that's the only way to go faster. So I went for hill sprints in the morning 0630am, then I went back to my room and get ready for class after I finished my 5 torturing loops. 

The more u sweat during training, the less u bleed in a battle.

My hamstrings were feeling very stiff and muscles ache on my Tuesday class. I was so glad that my classes in the evening got cancelled. The best way to accelerate recovery process is to sleep. Although my hectic routine doesn't allow me to have the luxury of evening nap everyday, I'll try my very very best to catch up some sleep. Athletes need to sleep more, Tri-athletes need even more sleeping hours! After lunch, all alarms and phones I turned to silent mode. 
I woke up after 3 hours and saw Dr Hari's comment on my blog, I was very happy to hear positive respond from her. The gloomy weather made me fixed my bike on trainer and start my training program. With my busy life, I have no time for non productive recreational workouts. This is one of the hardest workout I do every week. To my surprise, my performance was extremely good. 

I normally hit maximum speed of 50km/h but yesterday 75km/h.
I burn 150kcal more than usual.
I managed to stay in Zone 4 for 36 minutes throughout the workout.
My average speed is 25km/h, but this time 33km/h.

Although I felt really good after the 3 hour nap, I didn't expect such tremendous leap of performance on the bike! I even checked the resistance if anything wrong with the magnetic mechanism. 

This picture has been photoshopped.
Nadea and Anis love to do "peace" in pictures. So I cropped their fingers=p

This is the original one. Look at their fingers =p Haha

Night time, back to books again. 

My military life.
Saturday I was a Speaker of a seminar.
Sunday I did gardening at home.
Monday I was a student.
Tuesday spent time doing simulations for my projects.
Today I'm on duty.

Luckily my team of buddies are very helpful =)

"A single twig might be weak but a bunch of twig is strong" - Act of Valor.

The movie Act of Valor influences me a lot, the movie was created based on real war stories. 

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Muhammad Amirul Hafiz said...

dekat celah katil ada botol gatorade dapat kat UIA! haha