Friday, April 20, 2012


I saw this grenade at DSA 2012. 
The Malaysian soldiers pronounce it as "gre-net" while the American call it "Grey-nate".
I wish to pull that trigger RIGHT NOW!

My brain was frozen just now, I starred at the pc for hours without doing anything. For 3 hours I let the flow of Taylor's melody to orchestrate my mind. Holding too much of grudges is really bad, I wasted a night already. It stopped the brain from thinking, making me super low in morale.

I have 3 projects going on, but I can still update my blog. I feel so much better after write out the voice of my heart. why the heart isn't given a pair of lips to talk? Updating a blog isn't hard when it comes from the bottom of yr heart. The beautiful words come easily, ideas flow smoothly, within 15 minutes a post can be easily completed. I wish to tell the world, Mechanical Engineering is so damn tough la weh! This course really stress me to the max and hoping to see me break. 
I just survived 2 tests within 24 hours!!

Tmrw i need some quality workout to let all this negative energy go away. 
proven that the evening 20km cycling with the average of 20km/h wasn't enough,

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