Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tick Talk

The official letter from UIA I just received sounded kinda funny.
The subject sounds like this 
Civilians always sound creative and cute. I think the military version will be something like this
"SPEAKER AND HIS COMRADES" *in a stern tone*


This talk which I'll be conducting was supposed to be "relax". I think =p Because Nadea asked me after the Brooks Half Marathon, so I thought it wouldn't be something too big for me to handle. Audience will be students around my age after all. From time to time she keeps me updated. the more updates and info, the more nervous I feel. =p I expect myself to do well and I shall start rehearsing from now. She also emphasized, 
Most of the sports terms I use are mostly english, it'll be much easier actually.

I need to know who my audience are. My level of understanding and theirs might be different. Another thing to bear in mind is to not speak on sensitive issues, understand their culture. When I aim to do well in something, the warm blood will rush and I feel the push.
I'm feeling it right now.

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