Monday, April 2, 2012

Respect is to be earned

To do well in this Inter Battalion Log Relay & Cross Country was my earnest wish to regain respect from the Palapes. The post EcoChallenge depression kept all cadets quiet for many weeks, no one claims or brags with the Palapes like we normally do. Day in day out I walk to the academic block, I feel the stares and evil laughter of Palapes for losing to them. All the posts on Facebook to humiliate us went on for weeks has pushed me to declare a vengeful retaliation. I will make a come back!

The sadness in me turned hatred because I've never ever looked down on them when they were bloddy unfit. we cadets offered them supplements and even our meals during the training! I shared tips and tactics with them and they shit on me after one man in my team collapsed. I must teach them a lesson! After all, they won it by luck. U can't be lucky all the time =)

kacang lupakan kulit

I publicly declared on Facebook that I've unfinished business with the Palapes. My confidence grew stronger when most of my Eco challenge team mates joined my mission, lots of rank holders start motivating their men to win this game, Battalion cadets were highly spirited to bring the ugly ego of Palapes down.

Yesterday morning, Palapes got last for both Log Relay and Cross Country. We won by pure strength, defeated them so badly that they were speechless after the result was announced. My Eco Challenge team mates representing their respective battalion didn't nastily disgrace them despite winning by huge margin, that's really a leader's quality to be learned. We earned the victory.
So next time, watch yr words and know who u mess with. 

As the platoon leader, I had 3 backpacks with me. I had to carry the girls' packs to ensure they could keep up with the guys' speed. Having junior ladies' cadet gave me headache actually. We weren't given ample time to build up their stamina and mental strength, so my only way was to keep them mentally motivated. Putting pressure on them will only make things worse. 

Done with my mission to earn what was lost.
I was totally dead after the game. The exhaustion, only participants will understand. 


sirmudas said...


Next time you can beat the regular cadets!


But 'letting' the regular cadets win the log relay is good for their morale.

You are in-fact only weekend soldiers.

Chan Jun Shen said...

Haha.. this is an interesting competition =p