Thursday, April 5, 2012


 Spectators like to watch epic racing, but the story behind those great performance normally no body bothers. 
Just now I went for an exhausting but quality training. I never liked sprinting, if possible I don't want speed work =p Lungs pumping air in and out, heart punching like crazy and muscles keep screaming "please stop, idiot". who likes that right? wouldn't it be nicer if I can slow jog and sight seeing? =p

mind was the only one that agrees with what I was doing, because "discipline" is remembering what u want all the time. I've set my goals, planning something without execution is no difference from not planning. I woke up from evening nap, reluctantly put on my running shoes and walked down my block. First 2.4km warming up was okay, it was a tortoise pace of 4'57' per km.

As I walk to the starting line for sprint, I was thinking of excuses to not do this training =p Boom! and I doubtfully sprinted. Why torture myself? =p I train alone, so I've no sparring partner, I motivate myself and I entertain myself. This evening the track was quiet as the Muslims prepare to go tahlil. I cursed a lot during the last lap =p The sprint was super exhausting! I hope no body heard me. I didn't mean it in a bad way, I felt better after releasing every tiny ounce of stress.

Which endurance athlete doesn't curse right? =p

Pushing myself to the limit is what I do every single day =p  when I finished my very last stride, it felt like the world was mine. In training, I just have to answer to myself, I feel happy for an accomplished goal and vice versa. The end result I wanna see is a superb performance on race day. 

Training is all about breaking and rebuilding. 

academic credit hours is like accumulated stress, 8 hours in class can be really boring sometimes. I'm being honest. =p personal issues, depression or serious problems bothering mind sometimes just dissolve after training. Mind become so clear that decision making become so much easier. 
Reward myself with Kuew Teow KungFu extra egg after the training =)

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Ipang said...

pergh,meleleh tgk kuetiow ko!