Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Defence Services Asia 2012

The Defence Services Asia held in PWTC was a great eye opener for all military personnels or law reinforcers. This is my 2nd time, and all I can see is great revolution in military technology and the advancement of ammunition. Today, I spent more than 5 hours walking around all the 5 halls to make sure I gain as much as I could. Early next year I'll be commissioned, I better buck up my knowledge and keep myself updated! =)
AMDAC is a specialized and customized vehicle manufacturer, proudly Malaysian! =)

The exhibition displayed various calibre of ammo from as small as 5.56mm to as huge as a Bramos missile. As for this year, lots of improvement in the optical equipment, gun's accuracy and vibration, and  also the reduction of weight. The advance material like composites has been greatly utilized to reduce the overall weight without compromising on the performance. 

I saw a pair of tactical boots made by the Koreans, it comes with a valve at the bottom. That means when u go into the water waist deep and soak the boots, the water will be drained away when u get back on land. If u experienced walking with a wet boots soaked with muddy water, u will know what am I talking. It not only stinks, it causes blisters! with the invention of valve, no matter how wet the land is, as long as water level lower than the ankle, the water can never come back in! However, it is still not as light as the SWAT Win2X that I'm wearing. Good invention anyway, the Army boys will love it =) 

Made in Malaysia! =)
I took this opportunity to do some research on my Final Year Project since SME Ordnance was there. I was really excited to see the KE rounds and asked lots of questions. A chinese man explained everything to me, I was really happy with all his explanations. While explaining to us, so many officers came and saluted him! Curious me starts looking all over his body if I can even get a tiny bit of info about this mysterious guy. He looked like an uncle by the way. Then when he turned around, his ID card flipped over. His friendliness has masqueraded his true identity. My goodness, he was a Brigadier General, and a Datuk! Although I didn't call him Datuk, I did call him sir throughout the conversation. 

when u stripped off your uniform and your men still salute u, u earned their respect. 

This Recon Scout IR is what u see in National Geographic. 
Before the tactical team enter a covered area, u throw this device to get a clearer view on what is happening inside. The video will be sent to the nearest command post for tactical planning. So no body has to risk his life for the sake of taking a peep. One bubbly American young lady did the explanation. 

This thing costs 16K USD okay? 

She threw this dumbell-looking device about 5 meters away from us. I was holding the remote control so I can't help but to look if the 16K device is damaged because of the throw! 
"Hey u, look at me! Now, focus on the screen of remote control and bring the Recon Scout back to me" she said. 
It was really fun, I managed to bring it back to her without looking at the dumbell. The pinhole camera is 320dpi, the most advance pinhole camera available in the market. when we asked about the range, she even considered converting the distance to SI units for us =) It was really very very nice of her. More and more girls are into this industry, my perception for this "aggressive, all-male" industry has totally changed.

Moral Effect Grenade releases talc.
The less lethal range of ammo caught my attention. 
Ammos are meant to kill, but why make it less lethal? Isn't it contradictory?
The whole purpose is to stop terrorism, bring them to justice. Not to solve the crime by killing them. 

Throughout the visit, I had no problem talking to the foreigners be it from US, UK, Turkey, SA, China or whatsoever. But I just can't understand the Russians! I had a tough time bridging the language barrier! They can't explain the technical details. The conversation always come to an awkward stop within a few sentences. How I wished I could speak Russian. 

I bumped into lots of OPs, and OP Azizan Zainal working with the Boustead Heavy Industry gave me a pendrive and a note book. It was my first time meeting him in person, we've been talking on facebook lately but never seen each other. His words for me "Study hard!". =)

Getting into the Eurofighter Typhoon. 
I don't wanna missed out the opportunity to get into the cockpit of this lethal machine. The cockpit is really small, I could hardly stretch my legs. I wonder how the pilots go to toilet when the aircraft is airborne. "Is there any other ways to get into the cockpit without stepping on the seat? even the Europeans have to step on it?" I asked. The truth is, even the long legged Europeans gotta step on the seat coz that's the easiest way to get into the cockpit.  

5 hours spent in DSA wasn't enough for me, I wish I have like 24 hours there to have a better understanding. This is a lifetime opportunity u shouldn't miss! They have lots of free gifts for u especially when u ask many questions and show interest on their products. This exhibition is still on going, until 19th April if I'm not wrong. U have nothing to lose. Don't miss it! =)

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