Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life Saver

I just read OP Kam's blog and got to know that his friend drowned while trying to save a tourist. It popped up in my mind whether is he a competent lifesaver or not. Whatever it is, he did it for good intention. After reading his blog, I pulled out my drawer and took my license out of my wallet. Carrying this license around is not a bragging right at all, it comes with responsibility. Although I don't do lifesaving to earn a living, I still need to be a competent lifesaver. Till today, I've pulled more than 30 drowning swimmers in my university's pool and one man at Sunway Lagoon. My clean record should be maintained. 

Lifesaving is not only about swimming and towing victim, we need to master CPR and some basic emergency rescue. I've never done any CPR to human before though. I passed both Bronze Medallion and ILS when I was 18, it wouldn't be hard when u are already a triathlete. We don't want bad things to happen, but we need to know hoe to react when it happens. Just like soldiers are trained to kill but we don't kill. 
 Ironman Lifesaver Chan Jun Shen, u gotta swim more!

I won't be targeting any triathlon this year, so my swim sessions has been greatly reduced. 
Improving my swim speed can save lives, few seconds faster can make great difference between life and death. wouldn't it make u a superman when u completed Ironman and passed lifesaver? U have no excuse for not saving people!  
By the way, Nadea invited me to UIA for an hour of sports motivation talk =p Living in under pressure military environment, people around me always curse although they don't mean it in a bad way. Hey we just wanna release stress =p whatever it is, I shall stop cursing from today onwards. I'm a little scared those words might come out of my mouth during the talk. =p 

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