Monday, April 9, 2012

My 1st Broga Ride 2012

Not even 24 Hours I got home, Henry asked me out ride to Broga. 
When people ask me out for cycling, I normally wouldn't reject unless I have something up to. So now I'm on holiday and no excuse to say no, but I didn't bring all my gears home! I have 2 pairs of Trishorts, cycling shoes and aero helmet with oakley radar. I have so much of problems with my gears that night. 

My problems from top to bottom:
1. No body will ride broga with aero helmet and I left my road helmet in uni.
2. My Oakley radar couldn't fit into my aero helmet, and I need something to protect my eyes from dust. The only eye wear I had was my study spec.
3. I didn't bring my cycling jersey. The best shirt I had was Kenyir T shirt. 
4. I just changed my tire to my trainer tyre which already worn out! ( didn't plan to ride long)
5. I had only ONE tube!
6. I didn't do long ride for more than 3 months. 
7. This is my BIGGEST problem. I have lots of "Chan Jun Shen 3X Ironman Finisher sticker" on my bike. If I ride like shit, people will surely say I'm too cocky to claim my 12 hours PB. 

Henry came and fetched me at 9pm. That was the first time my bike fixed on bike rack =) I overnight in his luxurious house and after we got our equipment ready. 

reached Sungai Tekala recreation park. I know none of the riders, and is a good thing that they don't know me, just in case I screw things up =p Every time thinking of the Broga dragon back climb, I feel like I'm making a big mistake coming here. In the PCC group they did mention that this ride is not for newbie! For my first time riding with them, i don't wanna burden anyone. The first 30km warming up was alright, more of like chit chatting in the peloton. 

before Kuala Kelawang Petronas, Henry had a puncture. One support crew on a motorbike was very nice to offer help. However, Henry's new Vittoria Open Corsa was too hard to handle! It's a new tire by the way. The tire was fine, so it must be tube problem. He tried a few times and couldn't get the tire bead in. So I offered my help. 
To change tire :
1. Check your tire if any foreign sharp object perforated your tire. U don't wanna change new tube and puncture again.
2. Inflate your tire a little. Just make sure the tube is round. Not too much air though.
3. Position your tube and tire before using lever to get the bead in. 

*put in tube before inflating is one common mistake of riders.
I used my CO2 to inflate the tire. That was the first time he saw his valve become icy cold =)

Left only 2 of us at the back. I rode with him all the way to Kuala Kelawang just to make sure nothing happen to him. Riding alone at the back is dangerous, but not when u have Patsy at the back riding at steady speed. U can ask that Iron lady to help u out =p 60 over years old enjoying her life in a tough way =) Both Henry and I safely reached Kuala Kelawang after completed the challenging climb. The steepest climb is awaiting us. 

My stomach was empty, super hungry. I "inflated" it with waffle, orange juice and nescafe. U guys know how sensitive my body is to caffeine, that's the benefit of maintaining a caffeine free diet. All riders went off, I was left behind with my waffle. My right hand was holding waffle, left hand on the handle bar. Here comes one hill and I couldn't change gears =p not wanting to slow down other riders, I rode on the left while enjoying my peanut butter chocolate waffle. 

I foresee a breakaway when a bunch of 6 riders increased the pace while the other riders didn't even respond to the gap. I went with them. Before I get to the front, I just make sure if the previous rider ride 38km/h, I'll maintain 38. All riders knew that the climb is hard, with about 5 sips of plain water in my bottle, I couldn't go faster. Then left me and a rider riding black Specialized. We didn't talk but kept overtaking each other along the climb. This tough rider just refused to give up when I climb slightly faster. Come the very last bend, we both hammered hard up the hill. Guess what, I lost to him by one meter!

we had a fist punch before our first chat. He introduced his name Don Chan. 
All other riders cursed once they finished the climb. =p which rider doesn't curse when they climb ? 

On my descent with empty bottle, I was forced for a water stop at this beautiful water fall. I had to wet myself to get a bottle of pure mineral water. water was cold, I felt so much fresher after a quick shower. Going down, I realised my spectacles I hooked on my aero bar was missing! I was thinking while descending! Till I changed my mind to go back, I was already half way down. My muscles are cramping already, I really didn't wanna climb back anymore! One of the strong reason I went back was because the spectacles is a birthday gift from my parents. Also, I'm too broke this month to buy a 400 ringgit spec. Lucky enough, i found it at the water fall.

Henry and I gathered at the car park, then he opened up his ice box.
This cold Gatorade is the best thing I could ever ask for after a ride! Thanks a lot man... 

Both of us successfully finished the ride. Both happy bachelor went for carbo loading before he sent me home =) 
120km Broga ride, DONE! 

Can't stop laughing watching Taylor teasing Ellen =p

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