Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pasar Trip

StumbleUpon is one new apps I downloaded to my phone. Surprisingly, the very first article popped up was about Buddhism. It's about the four noble truth of Buddhism. I wonder if Buddha is indirectly trying to indicate that I missed Sunday prayers for nearly a month already. Then, one of my favourite blogger wrote about similar topic. So what's next? =p 

yesterday evening I hosted a small party to congratulate Abang Alang for winning the MPI award, it ended 11pm at night then followed by a movie and ended again at 4am. Before I dozed off, I pulled the curtain as I don't plan to wake up early. 10am in the morning, Grandma called because I promised to bring her to Jalan Pasar. I jumped out of my bed and stormed into the bathroom, had a quick shower then went to fetch her. 

with my horrible parking skills, I managed to get my mum's kancil into the yellow box after 5 mins trying =p During my younger days, this is where I spent most of my pocket money. All my money goes to fishes, aquarium, air pumps and fish food. This hobby of mine never change over the years, it never fades over time. Just now, I was so tempted to get myself a pair of fighting fish. Thinking of my student years gonna end soon, it kills that thought. I'll be in Lumut for months after this, the fish will be abandoned and die in the glass bottles. Jalan Pasar is one interesting place. all the electronic appliances are everywhere and selling at super low price. lots of pirated products are sold by the road side, and the stalls disappear immediately when the police comes. 4am in the morning, lorries of pigs come and drop their pigs on the stalls. I've seen them throwing pigs from the lorry and it accurately landed on the stall ready to be chopped! 

Grandma paid for our brunch, then I went home to complete my sleeping credit hours. Holiday life is all about doing things that u can't do in the military camp, sleep during the day and stay up late night to watch movie. 

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