Monday, April 16, 2012


I read one interesting book this evening and it triggered me to make a wish. After I whispered my wish, I waited wishfully for it to come true. I know this sounds childish =p after some time, I took a nap because it didn't happen. I wasn't tired, just that I feel it's a waste if I don't sleep especially when my class has been cancelled. How often u get such opportunity?=) I plan to push myself later on the run, so I pamper my body first before making the muscles scream.

The wish that I've just made, came into my dream! I talked a lot in my dream, and it brought me back to reality because my mouth was really dry. My first crush and my ex were both in the dream =p haha. My roommates were all in sweet dreams, hopefully they didn't lists to what I've said=p there were many times when I scream in the middle of the night for getting nightmares, those embarrassing situation normally happen when I feel extremely exhausted...

Sleep tight no bugs bite =) zzzZZ...

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