Friday, March 23, 2012

Telecast interview

Tomorrow's telecast interview will be right after my sword marching training. Hopefully I won't look burned in front of the camera. My appearance on TV has been okay before this, I need to improve a little on my eye contact and intonation. The way I speak is a little too harsh, and sometimes sound very cocky.

tomorrow's interview will be about my life in UPNM, just pray hard that I don't jam when half way talking coz I'm not doing any proper preparation tonight. I like it spontaneous, casual and natural =) I'm skipped Kenyir Tri for this interview, after serious condition about my future plan for this year. Joining Zulu in 3 months' time is bothering me, I'll have a hard time if I don't change my attitude to adapt it. Less discussion, activate the brain cells only when needed, and last but not least, be obedient. 

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