Saturday, March 24, 2012


The morning telecast interview went alright. I screwed up during the first recording, then I requested to repeat.  It does matter how I appear on TV screen because thousands of people will be looking at me! The crew called me to one corner and started applying powder on my face. I closed my eyes and unwillingly let them do whatever it needs to look good on TV. Applying make ups on my face is something I never liked.
"wajib ker sapu bedak ni bang? buruk ke muka saya kalau tak bubuh bedak?"

The crews were really talkative, they joked all the time except when  recording is going on. The atmosphere filled with laughter made us less stressful. I was pondering of interesting things to say because almost every single interview I've done, I said more or less the same fact. Put it this way, I memorized scripts. At least the memorizing trainings in Chinese school didn't go to waste right?=p This interview aims to promote my university to the outside world, and is a good publicity for me also =)

Galaxy Note promotion booth.
Then I went out with Angre, Mazhar and Naqi. I felt REALLY lonely till I had to go out with guys! 
I was complaining to them how lonely I feel for the whole journey to Low Yat. Then we dispersed at times square, I walked alone along the pedestrian walkway till Low Yat. Next I walk passed a beggar with 2 kids, I turned back and donated money. One thing popped up in my mind was what my aunt told me many years back... "not everyone is as lucky as u. if they're given the opportunity, probably they wouldn't end up like this"
It took me a few years to digest that thought. All the successes that I've accumulated, might not even spark if I don't get the opportunity to shine. There're things that we can't control at all. She was right.
But still, opportunity not seized is opportunity missed.

I want to get my "Samseng" galaxy S2 a good case. My past experience with HTC Legend has made me a more careful user. 
Lucky me
The original price for the case was 60 bucks. After I bargained, the Indon shopkeeper sold to me RM15 because the boss wasn't there =p 
Unlucky me 
 next i walked to the shop next door to get the privacy screen protector. The Bangla said RM20, and the Tauke Soh was on the phone. I waited for her to end the phone call, hoping to get cheaper price. Then she said, the price is 25 and not 20! Unlucky me, I should have paid 20 bucks and walk away. It is still cheap though.
This is called Karma, I "cheated" one shop and get a well deserved bad return within 10 minutes.

I gathered with Angre and Naqi at the LRT station, and I voiced out my NEED to watch a movie at the cinema! I knew it wouldn't happen, but still I kept whining to them. they were like "u wanna watch movie alone? no need la, save yr money, download from the net". Finally, I've decided to go back to UPNM with my NEED unfulfilled. 

Super nice potato chips.
I don't even remember when was the last time I visited Sg Besi pasar malam. I saw so much of good food along the stretch of stalls! Too bad most of them are fried food, so I didn't eat much. I don't want and I can't stand oily food. I saw mee rebus and wanted to ask for one packet for my dinner, then I saw beef slices. So I ordered Soto instead. I don't eat beef, and I'm committed to it.

I tried my Samseng camera at low light condition too =)
after some adjustment with the exposure and contrast, I managed to snap a nice picture =) this is really a great phone! =)

I planned to go temple actually, then I questioned myself whether is the temple at Brickfields or the temple is in my heart? In the end, I spent an hour listening to Dharma with my lap top. I've so much more to master about my own religion, and my quest to learn is a lonely journey because all my close ones have yet to be triggered to join me. 

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