Thursday, March 22, 2012


Kenyir Lake Triathlon is just 3 more days, I've set myself in tapering mode despite extremely lack of mileage. My muscles are like 60 years old, no strength to pedal uphill, the run after bike was even more horrible =p I'm not in top form for triathlon. Hours ago I got to know that the telecast interview will be on Friday and Saturday. At the same weekend, my family will be going back for Ching Ming. 

For sure I can't appear at 3 different places at one time. Kenyir Lake is supposed to be my very last triathlon before graduate, it's a sad thing that I can't make it. The telecast interview might be a good publicity, and I get to have a less stressful weekend. Hopefully after a good night's sleep, or may be a sweet dream will tell me which to pick.

Good night

by the way, I just changed to Samsung Galaxy S2. some of my contact in HTC couldn't be imported. So I would appreciate it if u guys drop me a msg to indicate me that's yr number. My room mates all are using Samsung. welcome to the Samseng's room =p

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