Monday, March 19, 2012

Young Boy's Fantasy

this is the watch awarded to all the Eco Challenge participants.

I'm not a big fan of G-Shock, but this watch brought me back to my primary school years, the time when many of my dreams couldn't be fulfilled. My father was a Lieutenant Commander back then, being a government servant, how high can the pay be? So, I had no high end toys or gadgets. I spent 4 years in SJK (C) Lai Meng and I have many rich friends, they'll come telling me 
"Hey I have original Adidas sport shoes, those are the "original" ones u know? not the "local" ones..."
"What watch are u wearing? I have a Baby G and a G Shock, today I'm wearing the orginal G Shock"

what the hell is Adidas? 

The word "original" and "local" stuck in my brain. My parents never failed to provide me with the basics, but no high end stuff. I felt the kasta in school, the rich kids are so cool and walk around with gangs. They open up the wallet with all the red colour bills every single day while I had 14 ringgit to spend a week. The city boys are pampered with cash and toys. They're like the rich and famous in school.

But one thing I have but they can never have, I travel to school by a  military land rover painted with camouflage! =p That's the only thing rich kids can be jealous of me.

Abang Alang once told me, people's perception is hard to change. The cool kids during your primary school years remain famous till the school gathering 20 years later despite having a horrible life. Those not-so-cool kids are now a successful man, but they remain at the lower kasta as they were 20 years ago. 

Today, I'm wearing a G Shock which I earned it myself =) As a student athlete, I bought a full carbon bike with my own income as a cadet in UPNM. I'm proud to be an Ironman. This is the place where I give my all to chase my dreams and wishes. What I couldn't have in the past, I'll get it now! At this very moment, I feel confident with achievements in hand, and I really don't care about the Kasta anymore =) 

don't dwell on the past, live the present to the fullest =)

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