Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I was picked to attend a telecast interview on Life in UPNM.
2 questions were thrown to me this morning, and I was expected to come out with a short essay about what I plan to answer. I stared at the paper quite a long time, gazing at the two simple questions not having a single word to utter in front of my officer.

Question 1 :
How do I manage my time and adapt to the busy military routine
Question 2 :
Share an interesting incident in UPNM

I really have no idea what to submit tomorrow, so I asked my room mates. The immediate answer was
"Go pick any post in yr blog and just share any stories, so easy..."
2 hours needed to complete the essay. This is not just any ordinary tasks from superior, I don't wanna humiliate myself in front of the TV, so I better come out with an interesting answer =p I'll be racing Kenyir Triathlon this weekend, and this is the only triathlon in my life where I don't really prepare for it. I'm getting lazy already. 

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