Thursday, March 29, 2012

Log relay

Military is always full of surprises. Yesterday's CI parade gave us a big unexpected news. Chief Instructor announced that the Inter Battalion Log Relay and Cross Country will be held this Saturday. This weekend I am supposed to go on holiday for Ching Ming. So again, I need to decide whether to stay back or go home. I'm becoming an extremely busy man this month! with 3 more months in the Battalion, I don't really have time to contribute to my Battalion if I don't start from now.

My final semester wouldn't be so demanding if my juniors are bloddy fit. I'm too senior to carry logs racing for my own Battalion. How I wish my juniors can be trusted. I geared myself up with backpacks and log just now, raced with the juniors, they were left hundred over meters behind. Hey, I didn't even go full gas and I carried my log alone! This doesn't make any sense at all as the juniors are expected to be super fit. So I have a good reason to bring them for evening jog and some strength training after this.

Now u see the benefit of ragging

When a senior is super fit, the juniors will have no choice but to obey. 
When a senior run fast, u juniors better run faster.  

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