Monday, February 6, 2012

Wasp Stings Treatment

As much as I love to be in touch with the nature, I must also pay extra attention to emergency plan for unexpected insects stings or animal bites. Almost every single day there will be someone coming to me saying "Sir, i got stung by a wasp". Either wasps or bees, the very first thing I'll ask them to do is to pull out the stinger. If possible, scrape it off with the card at the angle of 45 degree as squeezing the stinger will pump in more venom to your skin.
Even few seconds delay can lead to more venom being injected. One thing to be careful, when u remove the bee, they'll release a scent which will attract other bees. When u see a cloud of bees coming after u, at that time u will be shouting "Run Forest Run!" =p

The very famous traditional remedies suggests that applying urine can combat the venom. Also, pain and swelling can be reduced with a cold compress. Although the urine treatment isn't scientifically proven, many people claims that it really helps. Logically, the venom is injected under the skin layers which is hard for the urine to get there and neutralize the venom. Other than urine, vinegar can be another emergency alternatives. I have no idea how it works, I heard this from the old people. Baking soda can also be used for treatment. 

But when u are in the jungle, where the hell to get baking soda?

 I read from the net that normally insect stings in non-allergic people, will not cause any serious problem. Itchiness, immediate pain and redness are the common effect. However, multiple stings might result in serious complications such as muscles breakdown or kidney failure. The worst case, sting in the throat cause swelling and block the airway causing serious problem in breathing. When u have nausea, chest pain, or wheezing, go seek for medical assistance. 

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