Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Recently I just picked up a new hobby, the endurance gardening =p Friends know me as an endurance racer, soon they'll have a different perception of me being an endurance gardener. Every time I get home, I'll grab the rake and start to clean up the grassy area, pick up rocks and non biodegradable objects before start digging holes for new plants. I'm still very green in this aspect, but I'm gonna try if I have those magic green fingers =p I can spend hours clearing the garden or digging holes even when the sun is right above shining at my crew cut head, just like how I do Ironman. 

there're so many things need to be done at the garden, so far I've dug out all the stones and cleaned it up for future use, and planted a few types of flowers. Leafy plants are beautiful in their own way, but I would prefer plants with flowers. It gives u the feeling of satisfaction when the flower blossom compare to the whole-year-green type of plants which is less exciting. This few days I went online surfing for gardening tips instead of swim-bike-run tips, its time for a change I guess. One thing for sure, my passion for endurance racing will never fade despite having this new hobby. I'm currently busy with Eco Challenge training, but my attention has been diverted to gardening because we've entered the tapering week already, there's not much we can do to improve our stamina.

After spending hours reading and asking around every single day, I've learned quite a handful of interesting tips. When come to sports, I'm obsessed with what I can eat to go fast. Similarly, I'm interested with what the plants wanna "eat" to grow fast =p 

my next plan will be planting roses, in pots. Having roses freely bush on the ground can be beautiful, but it can be really troublesome to move it to another spot. Before that, I'll have to make sure the soil is fertile. As for now, I have vermicompost in mind. It wouldn't take long to prepare I guess.

Roses are just uniquely beautiful and is a truly elegant flower. 
It's all up to u to see the flower blossom or the sharp thorn. Just like in life, every beautiful relationship has got its own painful story. I voiced out my plan to Aiman, then he told me his mum has got a pot of roses. He is willing to give me some stem to try. It was him who taught me that cutting stem method can be used. Immediately I went to goggle the cutting stem technique, according to what I just read, It isn't that hard. Let's see if I have green fingers =p

Now, back to this serious business. Eco challenge is 7 days away. I feel like doing it tmrw, don't wanna wait any longer. The game is fun in a super challenging way, but it's the responsibility on me leading the team that gives me a little annoying pressure. 

this is one of the videos of our training sessions =) see this highly motivated girl doing monkey rack.

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