Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Filling the blanks

many months back, I promised myself to do at least one good deed a day. I was keeping track of my progress for more than 2 months till I lost count without me realising. It was Jaja who reminded me today to sacrifice for others. She has been the lead out lady for almost every subject, her effort and thirst for knowledge is simply extraordinary. I wonder if I will give that much of effort in studies. Her selflessness often not appreciated and taken for granted. They're a few of us who are on track, will be taking 16 credits this semester, we could fit into all groups. However, some of our batch mates failed subjects of the previous semester and have to repeat it again this semester, and they can only choose group 2. we both booked a place in group 2.

Just now my phone ranged, she was trying to persuade me to drop my place as a few classmates must get a place in group 2, or else they'll have to take the subjects next semester and probably extend one year. I'm not as noble as Jaja, but I still have humanity. I've been blessed with so much of good returns, I guess such tiny sacrifice is the least I could do to help others. So I dropped my place and gave it to my friend. Her boyfriend Shafiq is another helpful guy, he was there for me almost every single time I ask for his help. Since they both have been super nice to me, I feel guilty if I say "no" to their request. 

I've derailed from my origin as a triathlete since the absence of Ironman. Last year, I raced only 1 triathlon. However, I achieved greater success as a duathlete. Completing an OD wouldn't be a problem, but to score good timing requires me to give my all because I'm a lousy swimmer. I felt soreness in my arm after the 1km swim and I'm extremely embarrassed with myself. Need to buck up my swim starting from this week! =) I always feel that I'm not pushing myself hard enough to go faster. I shall start planning for my future races for this year =) 

my short term goal - to swim slightly faster than before =p

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