Monday, February 20, 2012

Kick start

Final semester, day one. 
every single meal I had today, was interrupted with explanations how we lost the game.
Results are out, I'm so glad that I passed all subjects, although some subjects merely above passing mark. There're subjects that I hate, and yes I mean it. I was just struggling to breathe every time I enter the class =p to wait that 2 hours of boring class, my eye lids had to fight very hard to not sleep in class. The ever ending assignments are worst that doing a full marathon =p My final year project, I gave all my attention and focus on it, getting an A is really gratifying =) Final semester, all the subjects are study-able, and I really hope to graduate with second upper. Just now the faculty presented our results statistics, it looked really scary with high percentage of failure. 

why is mechanical engineering so damn hard??!

In the evening, I did 1 km swim. I knew it'll be tiring as I don't even remember when was the last time I train swimming. It can be a big joke if an Ironman suffers to finish 1 km swim! Anyway, this body is ready to take pain =p I'm an athlete who can't stand cold at all, right after swimming I was sneezing and now having runny nose. Tomorrow onwards, I shall start swimming to rebuild my flat chest. It's time for a change =)


Hidayah Maznan said...

Hai Chan.. i feel so inspired reading ur story here.. u are so smart yet so strong :-)

Chan Jun Shen said...

Thanks for the compliment Hidayah =)