Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fighting Spirit

This is my Team. 
we train, we sweat, we suffer, all together.
The Intervarsity Eco Challenge is just one week away, everyone in the team is anxious to give our best on race day. As the platoon leader, I'm pressured by many superiors and officers. Many of the officers came to me telling me how high their hopes are on us, some came to me giving a stern face warning me never ever lose this game. I have a team of highly enthusiastic people who are willing to sacrifice their holidays, and give their very best shot for every single training session. We race to win! If we're fated to lose, make us a good loser. 

The route is unforgiving. It's really cruel to the body.
As we push our body to the limit, then have a quality rest, our body gradually become stronger and the endurance improves. Hitting considerably high mileage is our main goal before entering the tapering week. The training program that I planned with my intake includes recovery sessions, strength training and endurance training. My way of leading this team is more of empowering them and listen to their ideas. I strongly believe by listening to my men, I'll be able to generate brilliant ideas. The whole race plan and strategy inclusive of combination of tactics from every single battalion. I will always ask for everyone's agreement before making any serious decision. Holding on to the motto Serve to Lead, I serve as their leader. Less regimental is implemented for every training sessions to cultivate better team chemistry.

we entered the jungle quite a number of time. the route will cover roads and trails, construction area and orchard. I've heard of stories regarding under trainees hysteria in this jungle. As a cadet who believes in God, I believe the existence of spirits and ghosts as well. People always say, when u are weak and low in confidence, the spirit will enter your body. Next u will be behaving like spirit and talk nonsense. So far, this has yet to be scientifically proven nor cured. Last week, the spirit took over my friend's body when we were jungle trekking. He was really weak and exhausted, and couldn't keep up with the pace. Soon he lost focus. The last time I saw him sober was when I shouted at him calling him to tail the group.

Not long after we moved, my last man Zaim overtook him. He was too slow. I've decided not to slow the team down waiting for him since we were very close to the finishing line, just 2 more kilometers. When we were cooling ourselves down, he walked to one corner and isolated himself. Hours after that, we saw all the nonsense comments and posts from him on facebook. It doesn't make sense at all! So I went to see him, he talked about all sorts of philosophy and theories, and he doesn't even remember what he just said. He shouts at people, scolded his dad on the phone and self talks all the time. The worst thing is he prays not according to the 5 praying period, he prays randomly. I spent an hour talking to him that night, and I can tell that that's really not him. When I was in National Service, I've seen cases like this. A girl can finish whole big packet of long gardenia bread, then dented the wardrobe by kicking it. She was speaking classic Malay with the instructors! Next case, a friend of mine planted her pad under a big tree during jungle training, without her knowing, she actually planted it at the "house" of the spirit. That spirit followed her all the way back to uni and finally took revenge. After this few incidents, I cannot deny the existence of spirits.

 Having ladies is the team, has its Pros and Cons. Diversity and multicultural team members make this team unique. Ladies are the cheer leaders, they keep the guys motivated although they're physically less competent compare to guys. Whatever it is, we're lucky to have highly motivated ladies in the team, and they're the best in this brigade. I really like their fighting spirit =) 

 This lake has got its own story to be told. 
I know the history, but I'd rather keep it away from my team mates for the time being. Just don't wanna create unnecessary havoc. 

The will to win is nothing compared to the will of preparing to win.

I'm home now, finally I get to have a quality rest.

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