Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today's treat, vanilla drumstick with nuts. Also, a packet of potato chips. I'm feeding myself with lots of nice food during this exam period so that my body won't complaint :P I'm kinda good in multitasking, and my brain can think of a few things at a time. It's a bad thing in a way that even when I'm studying I'll suddenly grab my phone and go online to search some sports info, or worst still go read blogs. I'm so used to texting every single day, this "interesting" habit has stopped 2 months ago. 2 months feels like 2 years. I'll get back on my feet, I must! I need to counter the sudden struck of feeling of loneliness and sorrow. Racing and playing games are the best distractions to keep me away from my phone. Life will be more exciting to have short goals or races that make things more competitive and full of adrenaline rush. So, I'm gonna race more. I'm thinking of joining the inter University Eco Challenge, training will starts right after exams. At least my life has a purpose when I set many many short achievable goals.

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