Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Last night I stayed up and forced my pathetic eyes to read through a thick 600 pages of boring text book. My brain was unwillingly packed with info and facts preparing for this morning's exam. I was so sleepy during the exams, and I was really very tired. My body is yelling at me urging me to rest! It will take a few days for me to fully recover from Newton 25km. After a stressful 2 hours in the exam hall, my gang and I went to the cafe had a very big meal as if there's no tomorrow:P not only that, we went and get ourselves ice cream to reward ourselves. It was really fun:) they always ask me out to go for food. Very often I have to reject unhealthy food, but not today. I've been craving for ice cream since Powerman. For the sake of improving my stamina, I refrained myself from eating ice cream.

It's time for a quality evening nap before torturing myself for the next paper ;) have a nice day guys.

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