Friday, December 9, 2011

Double Promoted in Self Defence Exam

Pictures I snapped this evening. U need to feel the pain of being thrown and twisted, so that u know how to hurt yr enemies.

Friday evening is one day when most of the cadets will pray for rain during Friday prayers. Being seniors, we are extremely reluctant to put ourselves under the burning evening sun. However hard we pray, it hardly happens. It can be rainy for whole week, but Friday is just one odd day when the sky is so clear and no cloud! Guess the God don't wanna waste the tax payer's money, we are paid to train! Haha. Hmm I guess I'll just bare with it, one more year left in Kem Sg Besi. It has been 8 long years since the day I joined Royal Military College till today. Now in UPNM, martial arts is a must. To be very frank, I never take it very seriously, unlike how I pay my effort in sports.

Last week, I sat for self defense exam. Only 8 of us. All 8 of us went Melaka to check on some equipments to fabricate our projects when our batch sat for the exam. I was very very scared as I don't remember those taegeuk and patterns!! I really squeezed my brain and train very hard for the exam, because I know only 8 of us, and there'll be no peeping! Once u make mistakes, it'll be clearly seen and straight away points will be deducted. This is the very first time I spend so much time preparing for self defense.

As the saying goes, "u reap what u sow". Today when the instructor announced the result, I'm double promoted. That means I leap two ranks. Haha. I'm so thrilled. I hope I'll make good use of those lessons to protect people around me, I'm not being dramatic, I really hope I know how to react when bad things happen. No point being double promoted if I sucks in fighting right?

As for tonight, I got hell lots of work to do! I'm gonna eat powerbars and electrolytes to keep me awake. Tmrw morning I'll go military physical training. I believe I can do it! :) alright, time to study. Bubye;)

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