Wednesday, December 7, 2011

7km a day, keeps the doctor away.

This week I've been hitting decent mileage and showing good progress to get back in shape. I dislike panting when I run, I don't like the feeling of struggling, and I just hate it when I can't run effortlessly. I just miss those days when I can easily clock 27mins for my 7km. My PB is 26, so 27mins is alright for me.

Monday I was running with old-man's stride and panting like a pondan running away from police. It sucks. Finishing the distance is just piece of cake, but to do it within time limit is a piece of shit. So Tuesday I went down on the road, willingly torture myself. I always tell myself, I rather torture myself than to let the race torture me. Haha. Sweat saves blood in battlefield, simple as that. The more pain and training u endure during normal days, it will save u from humiliating yrself on race days.

Another thing I seriously need to look into is the "face" training. As endurance racing becoming more and more popular among Malaysians, it attracts more and more photographers to capture actions and emotions on race day. I wanna look good in pictures, so I can't look stressful when I swim bike run, I wanna pretend to make it look easy.:P We all know that this sport isn't easy, or else everyone would have easily completed a triathlon or duathlon, and it will no longer be something worth bragging. Right? So just pose and smile for the camera! :)

Feeling so relax after completing another 7km today. As for this week, 25km in my record. I love running when I have unsolved problems. Before run I was watching Smallville, kinda emotionally affected seeing Lana being blind and naive. She's super hot anyway. Everyone faces problems in life, my way is to run long distance so that I can think while running. I'm not sure if u guys feel the same way, very often I feel burden off my shoulder, and very relaxed after long run. If the problem can't be solved and I have to face the fact that it'll be a permanent mark in my life, I'll do like half marathon, come back tired then doze off.

7km isn't enough to make me sleep. Too bad I don't have enough time for half marathon. One interesting fact abt myself, if I don't run for long period, I will SURELY fall sick. I don't like seeing doctors, so I gotta run 7km a day to keep the doctors away. Haha. Time to study, so now my piles of assignments are doing me instead of me doing them :P feel so lonely at this moment...

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