Friday, December 2, 2011


I have always thought treating juniors in a gentle way, train them to be a gentleman, talk to them and set a win-win deal could be feasible. Let's look at the world's top military academy like west point and annapolis, a place where many of the US presidents were produced. Considering that their methods of training have produced volumes of successful leaders, I'm even more convinced that their way is effective. I actually tested their method in the Endurance Sports Club. Initially it shows positive results and I keep observing them. As long as the juniors understand the club's policy and don't cross the limit, they are allowed to have their freedom, be it freedom of speech or freedom of setting their own training. It's a win win situation, I demand their achievements in racing and they're happy to train hard.

However, they're individuals who aren't ready for the modern way of training. They've forgotten their roots where they were nobody before joining the club. They slowly develop with the help and advice from seniors, and now we have quite a number of fast athletes which made me more happy than ever. They're flying high, and soon, went over the limit. Being lenient, I always thought talking will solve the problem. As time goes by, things become worse, the worst I've seen throughout my years in UPNM where the juniors forgot that they have less stripes than the seniors.

Right now I'm feeling extremely upset when I don't see any other way than to pull back the string. It's sad that not everyone is ready for the modern way of gentleman treatment. May be family teachings is the main factor which created this serious problem. In a military organization, chain of command and seniority is the core. We work as a team, one for all and all for one. Though most people say it kills creativity and dampen performance, this is one of the fastest effective way to be productive.

It's time for a change. Military way of reinforcing rules is required. Get physical when u wanna initiate a change. Pray that I'm doing the right thing, terminate the root cause! Stop the crack from creeping before the structure collapse.

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