Wednesday, November 30, 2011

only if the heart can see

Block Pewira

what happen when 1800 over cadets wake up in the morning and realize that no water supply? we had only 20mins before the morning parade. Now, everyone realise how nice it is to have water supply all the time=p
Being an old timer in Kem Sg Besi, I know where to get water supply. I wore a towel and walked down to the pool, luckily my towel didn't fall=p A junior bumped into me informing that no power supply at the sports complex. I don't bother though, not that I'm afraid of ghost=p I showered alone, in the dark. 

been really busy with my final year project and capstone project.
so many things going on, don't really have time to give myself a break. Next big game will be Newton Run 25km, hopefully my legs will be good and do well on race day=) I just got a really big news this evening, my heart was gonna popped. All of a sudden the adrenaline rush came to me again and till now my legs are feeling very warm. Hmm I just hope to keep myself occupied, don't think too much about the past. 
everything is over. this isn't the first time I end my friendship, I hope I'm firm enough to do this. I don't know if I'm doing the things right, but I guess I'm doing the right thing.

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