Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lie Low

Losing 3kg in 2 months is no fun at all. It has been lots of ups and downs lately. Last month I had no appetite and ended up getting gastric, I'm recovering slowly though. I wanna get back on my feet and start my stable life.

I was standing shirtless  in front of the mirror just now. My goodness, my chest is almost flat, and my rib bones are clearly seen. All my shirts look big and loose, pants also becoming loose. Sigh. Nevermind, I'll reschedule my training, gonna run more eat more to build back my muscles. I'm too skinny now.

Just got my fuel belt from my mum, she made it smaller to fit my tiny waist. Nowadays, to find girls who can cook, can sew, can do house chores is really hard. My mum can do it all. However, city girls excel in their career though, can ease the financial burden. Depends on which is yr priority.

I spent whole day doing my final year project, with few hours nap in between. Recently, my sleeping hours is more than my training period, becoming a lazy pig soon if I don't start exercise now. With newton just around the corner, and I'm low in mileage, I'm feeling nervous, really very scared. Anybody who reads this blog and feel like running in the evening, do ask me. I need to burn calories.

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Ipang said...

dun worry 2 much chan,u can do it.keh3