Monday, November 21, 2011

Video Tempur Tanpa Senjata - One Step Sparring

this upcoming Friday will be our Military Self Defence grading. 
too many patterns and steps to remember, so the best way to remember is to record it and then put it on Youtube=p Shafiq and I were partners for that last evening's training, and we both know that within few days our old man's brain will forget everything. We ran back to our room and made this video. =)

As u guys can see, my butt is dirty as we did our training on the football field. Hmm may be there're some mistakes and my stunt wasn't really perfect, my apology, do correct me=) I've forgotten most of the taegeuk, and I know I gotta buck up! This is my initiative to improve myself.

The Official Powerman Result is out. 
with one guy got disqualified for drafting, I got one ranking up. I'm in the top 10!=)
if u notice, my time and ranking no 9 Paul Lim Su Siang is the same! in fact, my net time is faster than his. hmm doesn't really matter actually, I'm not getting any cash prize. I'm surprised with my performance, and I could have gone a lot faster. I'll correct my mistakes.

11km Run - 40mins 27 secs (really surprised me!)
64km Bike - 1Hour 41mins 59 secs (average 37km/h with maximum speed 55.5km/h)
10km Final Run - 1 Hour 04 mins 58 secs (my mistake=( lack of electrolytes)

I have 7 more years in this category. Given the chance to race again, I'll do better. =)
I've been telling people, I aimed to get top 10. but right now I'm officially top 10 finisher, I don't feel content. Racing is all about self satisfaction, its the way how u feel about your performance that counts. Being a student, cadet and Triathlete, I need good time management. I don't have much time for high mileage, so I came out with my cycling training plan. Riding average of 37km/h was crazy fast =p It was a flat fast course anyway. Athletes have been complaining about the heat, but I had no problem with hot race day. I have to thank Kak Julie for reminding me of the heat. 
too hot ?
I race well in heat, I prefer hot course than chilly ones. Powerman can't be hotter than Ironman. I was ready for the heat, I cut my hair short and all my gears were picked to suit the heat.

Amran at the front. Amirul and Aiman have been telling me this guy is crazy fast.
His running pace was very high and his strength on the bike was simply amazing!  

On sunday, we had a small gathering. Everyone knows that I don't sing, I only sing in toilet. 
We went to Red Box, paid 30 bucks for food and 3 hours Karaoke. Eddy passed me the mic when they played Love Story by Taylor Swift! OMG! my close friend just betrayed me!=p how could he reveal my biggest secret!=p I sang 2 songs, both by Michael Wong. This 2 songs, Tong Hua and Yue Ding, mean a lot to me. A little sad when I sang. Anyway, that's the past. Both songs, Eddy knew that I listen to them. He must be stalking my blog all the time. =p
from Best Quotes=) one of my favourite page =)

Next event will be Newton 25km. I have aim for this event.
my juniors haven't register Newton Run for me! I'm gonna slaughter them!=p

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