Friday, November 18, 2011

Time for body to rest and let the brain work! =)

 From Best Quotes=)
My first marathon I did was during my very first Ironman. 
I'll keep pushing myself to the limit. Human body can do wonders, it is always mind over matters=)
my upcoming race will be Newton 25km run, and I'm aiming good time to score my PB.

while waiting for my body to fully recover, I'll get my final year project done and settle my capstone fabrication process=) Let my body rest a bit, and time to workout my brain=) Hopefully by next week I can start to increase my mileage for the 25km run. I'm very eager to test my nutrition plan on race day.


K3vski said...

I'm running Newton too! It's my last day of holidays in Malaysia before going back to Perth. Hope I would have recover from IMWA by then to be able to run well.

Chan Jun Shen said...

Hehehe I'll pace u then=) U will recover fast for sure. are we racing in the same category? hehehe. I'll start training next week! or else u will smoke me on race day=p