Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Show your love, donate blood

National Blood Bank (The Dracula) came to our Uni again this morning. 
If I'm not wrong, they come every 3 months. Previous years, I've always wanted to donate, but the blood bank came at the wrong time. Very often they come 2 or 3 days before my big game. As for this time, I had ample rest post Powerman, and my next race is more than a month away, so it's time for me to show some love=)

I went there before having breakfasts, so I went to the counter and get myself some food as per instructed by the staff. when he checked my pulse, all I wanted to know was my heart rate at rest. The lower the better=p did my blood test, fill in forms, and check blood pressure. 

Donating blood will make a difference for someone else who I might not even know, makes me feel good. Knowing that not many people willing to donate, and many cadets took the time to show up, says something about cadets' character. U know what, I gotta queue for the donation! I'm sure they were more than 200 cadets donated blood in a day's time. That's already 10% of UPNM's strength! If u refused to donate because afraid of needle, that's just another lame excuse. 

I'm a Buddhist, though not a very good one, but still I have compassion for others, this is the least I could do.

Considering the individuals in the hospital urgently need blood transfusion, I promise to donate more in time to come. My body will produce new blood after all. Hope my Ironman's blood can save lives=) Friends were jokingly asked the nurse to transfer my blood to them to make them run faster. haha. 

Jaja and Shafiq
I went there with them=) this semester I've been closely in touch with them, most of the time same class same group, have breakfasts together. Both of them donated blood. A young nurse attended me, I was thinking "oh shit, young nurses surely poke wrongly coz lack of experience=p". Luckily she did a great job. I felt dizzy and started sweating after she pulled out the needle. A nurse came and saw me pale and sweating, she elevated my chair and I spent 10 minutes resting. Before this, I had the same problem, so I was ready for it. The chair was super comfy anyway, so i don't mind to rest there longer=p 

From Best Quotes again. =)

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