Friday, November 18, 2011


Life is full of unfairness. Why all the good people being treated so badly? I was browsing Facebook during aircraft system class, and I found out that a super nice senior of mine joined the commando and ended up in hospital, they suspected he couldn't take the pressure and went crazy. I nearly teared in class. He is a super nice guy, religious, active in sports, always guide the juniors when needed. I'm very sure his girl friend (same batch) will be very upset. Such a nice guy don't deserve to be treated this way!!! I can imagine how tough they tortured him till he has gone insane. Argh! Unfair! The bad guys should be tormented till half dead, why him?? At one point, I thought of replacing him and take all his pain away. I don't know how can his girl friend accept the fact that her boyfriend went insane because of military training. I felt heartache when thinking about the sweet couple. Both of them are so compatible and It's just the matter of time for them to tie the nuptial knot.

I always look up on commandos. They're elite soldiers, way more capable than ordinary soldiers. I used to think they're super stylo and macho. Till last week Lt Hisham told me " Macho tak dapat berikan kebahagiaan", I changed my mind. No matter how great u are, if u aren't happy with special forces' life, no point fighting to be part of them. I wanna be a family man, I rather spend more time with my kids than going for operations.

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Unknown said...

abg be kind..u must be cruel..ur r kind to make them elite soldiers..u must b cruel to torture them in that they will not suffer in war. Better to sweat in training than to bleed in dad always says..he has seen a lot of his friends went crazy b'coz they could not control their mental state..

Chan Jun Shen said...

Asher, I always know that. I've been in the military for my whole teenage. However, when u see somebody u know, u care, or u love undergoing such training, u will feel heartache. I don't know if other people will feel that way, this is just me. I rather take the pain, like I always do, than seeing people I care, to be tortured.