Saturday, November 26, 2011


Amirul, Aiman, Ahmad and I have been friends for more than 4 years. They came to my house many many times, but today was the first time I visit Aiman's house. Aiman has got 13 siblings, as we both walked towards the entrance, his younger sister smiled so happily then ran into the house announcing the arrival of her eldest brother. So many cute little Aiman-look-alike kids running in the house. Ardi (one of the 13) caught my attention coz he looks exactly like Aiman, but miniature one=p he got tiny eyes, just like Aiman, and he smiles all the time when I was in the house.=)
I saw our batch picture on Aiman's house wall. This picture is so nostalgic as it was taken in 2007 when we had no stripes on our shoulders. I bet his family must be so proud of him being an Army cadet officer. 

Then I asked myself  "where is my batch picture? why don't I hang it at home? Am I not proud to be a military man?" 

I've been brought up in a military family, we have lots of military souvenirs from all around the world and we really don't have space for any big pictures. Furthermore, almost every time family gathering, exchanging military stories has become a norm. having a father who is successful in his military career, I don't feel that I have anything to be proud of unless I can be more successful than him. Cadets came from all over malaysia, all different background, some have rich dad some have poor dad. For a civilian family, having a son serving the Armed Forces is a family's pride. It is something worth to be proud of, as it requires mental toughness and sacrifices to survive in the harsh military environment. 

I bet Aiman's siblings must be going around to tell people that their eldest brother will be an Army Officer=)

All 4 of us are team mates in endurance racing. Being the pioneer in this sport, I'll normally lead them when come racing or decision making in the club. However, I learnt a lot about life from them, especially Amirul. He was brought up by a single mum. I once asked Amirul one very common questions which all soldier boys like to ask, "why u joined the military?". He told me his father passed away, being the eldest son in the family, he is taking the responsibility to lead his family. I was expecting some funny answer from him initially, but his answer just "slapped" me in the face. I realised that, not everyone is as lucky as me. many times when sports outlets having sales, I'll immediately inform him coz his room is very near to mine, he will get the news first. very often, he will tell me he has financial constraint, need to support family. No body will ever understand how humble I feel when he give me that kinda answer. 

Today, Aiman, Abang Alang and I attended his sister's wedding. 
His father was supposed to "give away" the daughter. But today,  mature Amirul as the eldest son took the responsibility of a father in the ceremony. Its a great experience, for such a formal occasion, it takes great deal of courage to do it! He has become the figurehead of his family. I'm sure his father will be so proud of him.  

supposed to be 7 of them. 
He gave a speech of appreciation to all the guests for attending the wedding.
He once told me "u will never understand, I'm the brother, I'm the father". 
yea I will never understand. One thing for sure, he gained my respect.

half day with Abang Alang and Aiman, as usual, getting very wise advice and life stories telling from Abang Alang. He is like a big bro to us. To all readers, he is still single and available=) with his height and strength, he can assure girls safety, and make girls laugh till stomach ache with his funny jokes=p

today is a day of reflection. Thanks guys, u guys taught me about life.

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