Monday, November 28, 2011

Pangkor Training Camp

today was supposed to be my run-in-the-city training covering more than 20km. 
However, Abang Alang poisoned my mind, and now here I am on Pangkor Island with 3 of them=)
From left : Aiman, Alang, Eriq, and I
we took a ferry from Lumut jetty to Pangkor Island, we passed by the Royal Malaysian Navy's fleet and I explained a bit to Aiman about ships =) 
Pink Taxi
a taxi to coral beach cost us 15 bucks.
here is Pangkor Island's map. Abang Alang briefly explained to us about the geography of the island, and let us decide where to run. Aiman and I are both triathlete, we have decided to do a full Pangkor Loop as our training. Honestly, when we started running, I wasn't sure how far the distance was gonna be. Just in case we get extremely exhausted, we can still refuel ourselves at shops in the town before continuing our crazy mission.
18km of hilly routes. Aiman was very strong, he is really good running in heat and humidity. I wasn't feeling good today, so Aiman slowed down his pace to wait for me. The road was really narrow, we ran on the white line by the road side while enjoying the scene. 
Motorbike is the most popular mean of transportation on the island. I saw lots of really hot chinese girls wearing hot pants riding on a motorbike without helmet=p I wonder if eating Pangkor anchovies everyday is their beauty secret.

Running towards Dutch Fort. Ducth Fort is at the very end of the road, in and out this track can easily get 4km, according to Henry. Full loop 18km + Dutch Fort 4km = 22km. Both Aiman and I didn't plan for this far. Lucky enough, our fuel belt saved the day=)
This guy is selling cream made of camel fats, and Dhob (biawak pasir).
Dried Dhob skin.
According to him, Dhob is good for men's health=p I was using a transparent bag to keep my phone and cash, he saw I brought only 20 bucks, that's why he didn't bother to promote his goods to me, coz a bottle of Dhob capsules costs more than 50 bucks. haha. 
Ducth Fort.
we bumped into a couple riding Mountain Bikes when we were on our way here. somehow, we reached here faster than them. Iron legs run faster than MTB eh?=p
Our next stop, the hanging bridge. 
this hanging bridge is similar to the one I went at Taman Negara. However, this bridge can only sustain 5 persons at a time. To reach here, another 1km of jungle trekking. Alvin called me when I was trekking, so I was on the phone all the way here.
guess I've mastered the skill to sms while jungle treking. when I went mount Tahan, I also sms while jungle trekking. 
I wasn't ready for more than 15km distance run actually. 
Running in the afternoon exposing ourselves to the island's heat and humidity made things worse. Every time I exhale I could feel hot air coming out from my nose. Obviously My engine was over heating. I'm an Ironman, I have very strong self belief. Despite my very slow pace, I know I will complete the loop.
Calorie burned of today, 2183kcal! total distance more than 21km. We started running from 11am till 2pm, so u know why we were BBQ-ed during the run. 

Aiman did it!!
Giam Island opposite coral beach, lots of tourists went there for snorkelling. the water was cloudy though, not as clear as Perhentian Island.
Aiman and I swam across to the island without any escort! 200m before reaching the shore, i could feel very strong current pushing us away. Swimming along side Aiman, I kept motivating him, convincing him that we can surely make it! we had no escort, so either we touch the shore or we drown. 
I have stopped my swim training for more than 4 months. this is my first long swim. I swam with cap, without goggles. Haha=p swimming in open sea is crazy. Both of us might get stung by jellyfish, or pushed away by the current, or banged by boat. Sometimes it's good to be overconfident, just do it and u might discover your new limit. Now we know we can swim open sea without training. Haha

when I was resting at the beach with Eriq, I saw 2 Arab girls in bikini swimming towards a boat anchored 200m away. One of them climbed on board, the other one tried many many times to get on the boat but failed. I saw them asking for help but many boats and jet skis passed by without offering them any help. Then, they started waving for help. I gave my phone and cap to Eriq, and swam to them. Being a triathlete, I know well how to navigate in cloudy water. every 10 strokes I'll peep to make sure I'm on the right course, and as long as I can see the girl in blue bikini, I'm on the right track. haha. when I reached them, a huge guy was swimming towards them as well. The girls thank me and said they're alright. That guy stared at me very fiercely. haha. Must be her boyfriend=p A guy should know how to swim, and must be able to ensure the safety of his girlfriend. The big Arab guy swims with tortoise pace, he was struggling when towing his gf back to shore=p I smiled at him when he reached the shore, but he showed me his shit face, super arrogant and annoying. whatever la, I was there to offer my help as a lifesaver, that's all. 

I'm a lifesaver, the instructor who passed me told me, " if u don't offer help when somebody is drowning, don't go around and brag with your international license". 
seafood dinner while enjoying sunset=) 
 what a tiring day. hey guys, thanks for the company=)
without Abang Alang, I wouldn't do all this crazy last minute planned vacation. haha.

I can't train in Kona, so I train in Pangkor, better than nothing=p
Best quotes=)


Ann Sedai said...

i just looked back at ur blog and the maps carefully for the second time... gosh! u guys ran around pangkor island..around - means one big round? OMG! i wish one day i can do the samE insane thing..haha!! maybe they should plan to do a 42km marathon event here, don't u think?

Chan Jun Shen said...

Ann, if u wanna run a full marathon there, u will have to think twice as the hills are super steep. I can still take those hills for 42km, but the heat was crazy. I wouldn't wanna be BBQ-ed on the island. Unless its a night marathon, then I'll join=p