Friday, November 11, 2011

Powerman WIND and weather forecast

As a rookie in Powerman, I need extra preparation to avoid mistakes which will spoil my mood on race day. Although I'm not in the best form right now, I'm doing my level best to reduce uncertainties. I wanna have every single details in my hand, if possible I wanna control the wind to push me from the back along the 64km bike leg=p I've made some simple analysis on race day, based on the weather forecast online. =)
*do let me know if I make any mistakes.*

 Know yourself know your contender win a thousand war.
But for this case, even if I know what the Pro eat for the past one week also I wouldn't be able to beat them=p 
Since Friday no rain, only sunshine. Needless to say, our race course has been heated since the pass 2 days. are u ready for the heat?=p without a single drop of rain, all race gears I choose must consider my comfort racing in the heat. That's why I already cut my hair short. I'll be using aero helmet, If I don't ride fast enough to make wind gush into helmet's ventilation, I will have a hard time throughout the ride. 

wind forecast
For a newbie in Powerman like me, I estimate my bike average will be around 30km/h. 
Race starts around 7.30am, let say I complete the first run in 50 minutes, so I'll do my bike leg around 8.30am after transitions. According to the wind forecast, wind will push riders from the East starting from 8am till 11am.

to have a clearer view, look at the map=)
Since we won't get much of a head wind, high profile wheels shouldn't be a problem. Most of the time riders will be getting cross winds, be sure to pick the right wheels thickness. As for me, I have only one set of wheels, so knowing the wind direction and speed wouldn't make any difference in my gears selection, just that I'm mentally prepared for the evil push=p wind speed of 7-13kph shouldn't be giving big resistant I guess, it  improves ventilation and cool your body down on a hot sunny day. There're only two water stations, but we will be making 2 loops, that means 4 water stations along the course. Be sure to stay hydrated, take care of ourselves and save Melody, Adele and the gang from the trouble to rescue us=)

thanks to Kak Julie for warning me about the heat on race day. Because of her warning, I cut my hair short=p  I visited her in Hospital Ampang Puteri just now, had a long chat with her=) Hope she recovers fast and get back to racing soon=)

please correct me if I'm wrong in any aspects. =)
hope to see u guys on race day, Race Smart=)

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