Sunday, November 13, 2011

Powerman Race Report

My maiden Powerman. 3 days before game, I've been monitoring the Manjung weather especially temperature and wind direction. I wanna race smart, make good use of the wind, understand the race conditions. It has been changing every single day! Really give me headache.

Night before race, whole team was car pacing Lt Hisham's car to round Lumut town. Whole team had a great dinner together with Lt Singh and Lt Adi.

Race morning, I wasn't really nervous, and not very serious in preparing my gears. This is my first event and I have no idea what to expect. First 11km run, it was moderate pace for me and running in the same group with me was Allie Sabtu, Yip, Rahman, and Amran. They're all the top guys and super fast athletes. I was confused actually, am I supposed to be with them? I didn't wanna think too much, so I just pace them. My conscious mind is telling me, with my lack of mileage, I should hold back. But my ego after winning MUDS made me ran after them.

Come cycling. I was riding above 40km/h, after few minutes, a bunch of riders smoked me. So u can roughly estimate how fast they were riding. I chased after them, but keep the drafting gap far so that I don't get penalty. After some time, I saw my meter 46km/h and the bunch of riders formed a big peloton of around 20 riders. This is a non drafting game, so we just try our best to keep the gap. Come 2nd loop, I saw Sharom. I started cramping and ran out of electrolytes, both bottles empty. I missed all water stations as riders in front of me grabbed everything alreaDy, the volunteers didn't have enough time to get more electrolytes. I was struggling to survive the final loop. I saw Yip riding without water bottle, that's crazy. Riding at high pace without electrolytes was my stupid move, but I can't do anything abt it. I left nothing in my bento box! I even finished half portion of my electrolyte which was supposed to be taken during the run. Entering the transition area, both quadriceps seized up. I couldn't sit on my saddle.

For the very first time, I have to surrender. I walked in the transitions area. I came in first pack, But I can't do the final run, really. With the final ounce of fighting spirit, I walked to the water station and start refueling myself with gatorade. Taking too much liquid will bloat my stomach, but I had no choice! 5 cups in one station, just to settle my cramp. I cramped all the way till finishing. I did run walk run, and saw more and more racers overtook me. Amirul passed by and slowly I couldn't pace him anymore. I was in pain, and upset. My gap on the bike with Amirul was so damn far and he managed to catch me up, so u know how slow I did the final run. I was really dying. But u know, ironman never give up. I will make it to the finishing line somehow. Just that I won't achieve my goal. Soon, I saw the finishing arch. Crossing the line will end all my sufferings, I was so eager to end this race but I could only run with baby steps. Paul overtook me one meter before the line, he got into top 10 and I will have to settle for number 11.

I have to admit, ran out of electrolytes was a stupid mistake. I didn't expect I could ride that fast, so I brought only 2 gels. For the first time I race with strategy by understanding the wind, it was proven to be effective. But I made mistakes on my nutrition plan. Better luck next time. Last but not least, a very big TQ to my parents for coming to support me.

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satu hikayat said...

well done sir! the best first time! we learnt from our mistakes. isn't it?

bingjian said...

chan ur bicycle very cool...

Ann Sedai said...

congrats chan! we human always learn the hard way.. but u still did great for 1st run and bike :D

Chan Jun Shen said...

Hidayat and BingJian, Thanks=)
Ann Sedai, for sure I'll learn from my mistake. I'll come back stronger.=)

missalya hamed said...

being the finisher is the most better than make it half way right? btw, congrats tuan!:)