Thursday, November 10, 2011

Powerman Strip Show. Azrul vs Chan

Click on the picture of our conversation below=) 
I wasn't trying to be cocky, just wanna have some fun. Azrul is my batchmate in RMC. when i first started Triathlon, I had no idea about road bikes. Zero knowledge. He was the one who brought me around and explained to me about bikes. He carried me on his mini BMX to move around, that was when we were form 4. But things changed over the years, I've gained more racing experience and actively racing for more than 4 years. As a friend, I offered my advice when he wanted to get a road bike. I shared some tips with him and he will share his knowledge with me as well=) 

This Sunday, both of us will be racing our first Powerman. He just bought his new bike, so I challenged him.
The one who lost Powerman will have to strip off his pants=p 
ahahaha! this bet  is gonna be very very interesting. I publicly announced it on facebook, and he took the challenge. been getting lots of comments.
A man will give his all just to defend his pride, so he will surely do his best to fight with me=)

Lets see what will happen*grins* hehehe

The One That Got Away - Kate Perry

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