Thursday, November 17, 2011

Post Race Syndrom

finished in pain

 My hamstring, my quads, my calves, all seized up and cramped.
The pain was really horrible, I couldn't go any faster. I had nothing left in tank. 
If this is just a fun run, i would have pulled out long ago. This is the Powerman, one of the biggest event of the year, how can I take it lightly? My classmates saw this picture, they said I look very bulky compare to when I'm in uniform.
The crowd.
everybody come with high hope to score their personal best
I bumped into may friends and they can clearly see that I'm losing weight. =(
I race without any motivation, unlike my previous races. I was on the starting line because I registered. 
Mr Moey and daughter, Gan and I
Mr Moey escorted his young daughter to complete sprint distance, very nice of him =)

It is an honour for me to run along side with the top runners in the field.
when I'm highly motivated, I'll be ready for fast pace and eager to stay at the front. As for this time, I race to release my stress, no high aim. That's why I was shocked to run with them. I changed my running form and cadence, and It works well for me. Either my new running form lower my effort to maintain high pace, or I've become stronger. I believe I have yet to hit my limit, I can go a lot faster than this. Earlier this month, I was trying to adapt to this new technique, but it was a little too late for me to race with it for MUDS. In Powerman, I scored good time for the first 11km run and I'm very happy about it.=)

Aero helmet in action for the very first time. Bought from Kevin Siah=)
I'm still trying to go as aggressive as possible for my aero position without compromising on power generation. 64km of really interesting ride, all the leaders was chased down one by one. At the early 10km, I was still maintaining my 4 bike length's distance from riders at the front. I started my bike early coz I did well on my first run. However, my lead didn't last long when the chase pack swallowed me. A few strong riders who did the pace setting were the one who caused drafting actually. They were really furious, they responded to every single attack and pull back all leaders. Yip and I were in the same group and we got confused with the move. All riders try to score good time, so we all push ourselves very hard. But u will face drafting problem when most riders in the peloton are about the same speed. Yip tried many times not to draft by moving to the side, attacked at the bridge, and tried escape from the group. I was in the group when Yip attacked, the front riders immediately increase the pace and hunt him down. But still, the gap was there to avoid riding in drafting zone.

 The Elites
I rode with them in the same pack. 

 I really really gave my all. Can't finish in style=p
Those who saw me pathetically slow jogging towards the finishing line might understand better how hard it was for me. I learned a very good lesson this time, when u wanna go fast, bring more food in yr bento! I was not ready for fast pace. Pre race night, normally I will be triggered to score my best, but not this time. Never mind, it's all over. This weekend will be Penang Bridge International Marathon, is it possible to recover from Powerman in a week's time? This few days, most time spent doing assignments and sleeping. every time I wake up, my body feel fresher and stronger. Doing assignments, catching up on academics is my recovery training=p I wanna recover from gastric, muscles soreness, and get back to my normal life. 

This 2 months has been a tough one for me. 

Michael, Jasmine and Alvin contacted me asking how was my race. Usually I'll inform them about my race result and tell them how I performed, but this time I was really tired. Friends asked me about my result, the very first thing I tell them is Amirul beat me and got no 6. They were very impressed. Probably they made me as the bench mark, anybody who beat be will be considered as super fast. Amirul did great on race day, he maintained his pace and finished strong. Aiman did well too, finished not far behind me. All 3 of us finished fastest among the cadets, a good senior will always lead by example=) Despite racing far beyond my normal pace and took high risk on race day, I have no regrets. After all, experience is a painful teacher, we learn from mistakes. 
Mum and dad were there to support me.

Hmm now that I have one less commitment, I'll register for more fun run. No more than 21km will be fun =) May be I can consider to bring camera while running, or carry extra gels to support other runners=) 
"If u wanna win a race, run a mile. If u wanna experience life, run a marathon"
- Emil Zatopek 1952 Triple Olympic Gold Medalist

The past is meant to be buried, forgotten, and left behind. There's no turning back this time. New chapter of my life and I've decided to keep racing actively instead of fully focus on studies. I believe I can handle this.


K3vski said...

It's ok, you'll have better luck next time. Enjoy yourself in Penang, consider running the bridge as a way of sightseeing haha. All the best!

Chan Jun Shen said...

hey Kevin=) My post was kinda misleading. I'm not going Penang actually. haha. I'll be running for Newton 25km during new year. Hope not to make mistakes again=)