Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Penang Trip - 最后一天

My days in Penang was really too short. I was rushing all the time to catch up with as many friends as possible. I stayed in Alvin's house, but I spent only one day of quality time with him. what to do, I had 2 days only.

on my second day, we dressed up smart to attend Sister Grace's wedding.
Jasmine reminded me to wear smart, or else Ethan will be smarter than me. I felt challenged when she said that=p It'll be fun if both of us dress up smartly and compete who looks more handsome. *grins* so I brought my blazer all the way to Penang=)

I was at Jamie's house, helping her with her class' instrument list. this girl is so stubborn and she chose to make the list handwritten, it took me half an hour to convince her. probably I am not persuasive enough to make her listen to me. I had only 15 mins left to get ready before Michael and family depart for the wedding ceremony. As I told u before, my time in Penang is too limited.

Ironed my shirt, showered and ran 2 floors up to Ethan's house.
when I rang the bell, I could hear Ethan's footsteps running to open the door. He was so excited, kept smiling when he saw me. the very first thing he asked "u miss me or not?" He is very attached to me, right after I left Penang, he doesn't swim any more. The family is so sweet and nice to me, treating me like part of the family.
He dressed up smart with bow tie, getting ready to be the ring bearer for the wedding ceremony. while waiting for Michael, he lied on my chest and played with my ears. He loves to play with ears of people he is close to.
Jasmine, Ethan and Michael.
My stomach was hurting during the ceremony, gastric again. This church wedding, is my very first time entering church. Ethan was really attractive and outstanding, been getting lots of praises from friends.
Ring Bearers =)

Ethan and I.
A few times when he fell down or hurt, he will get up himself and proudly say "I'm Ironman!". That's what Jasmine told me. I believe I've inspired him to deny the impossibles and cultivated the Ironman's fighting spirit in his character. Strong qualities like that will get him ready to face life challenges in the future. Everybody knows that I'm Ethan's swim coach, and he will never fail to emphasize that I'm an Ironman.
Ivan and Grace=)

Since we both are good looking, I took pictures and posted on facebook asking my friends to vote who is more handsome. I got upset and depressed when all my friends voted for him=p He is such an eye candy, surely he will outshine me. =) As expected, he won=)
when cute little Ethan dresses up like a real gentleman, he looks handsome. But the boy in him couldn't keep quiet and kept running here and there. I have to constantly remind him,
"Hey Ethan... walk like a gentleman."

He dirtied his shoes
Ethan's and Mine.
of course mine is the clean and shiny one.
spent whole night with the family, Ethan didn't want to let me go home. We played Lassy till around 1am in the morning, I was thinking this boy surely cannot wakie the next day. Before he sleeps, I promised him I'll be in his house before he got up. I was really tired, very very tired. But I will keep my promise.

Squared up my bed, packed my stuff and said goodbye to Alvin. met Jaspreet too for a short while before she left for class. then I went into Ethan's room, saw him sleeping. This sleeping cutie is so cute with his rosy cheeks. when he opened his eyes, he saw me and smiled. I was lying next to him. Anyway, Ethan was late for school. However, he is lucky to have a father as the school's director. Michael announced today will be his holiday so that he gets more time to spend with me=)
I wish my time in Penang could be longer. I care for friends more than food. That's why I will meet anybody who wants to see me, any time! Midnight also I wouldn't mind.

Ethan is influenced by me, all my acts and moves will be closely monitored by him. Being a swim coach of a little kid, is a great experience for me. I learned a lot from him as well. He loves to be competitive, very common character of successful athlete. When he feels lazy to do something, I will challenge him and start timing with my Timex HRM to see how fast he can complete the task. His laziness will immediately turn to excitement. His homework, normally takes hours to finish, was completed in 30mins with me sitting next to him.

Back in KL, back to reality. I'm putting all the important tasks aside. I need a break.

I've never been blind all this while. I know what am I doing.
No regrets for making the tough decision.

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