Monday, October 31, 2011

Colours of Life

Recently, I've personally encountered with numerous non military "crisis".
the world was about to tumble down last week and I have no idea how to handle it. with Powerman just 2 weeks away, I need to gain more mileage. I'm running out of time.

coz of depression and no appetite, i got gastric. now still in recovery process. I put all trainings on hold, right now I have no choice but to put Powerman aside. Initially I aimed to score my biggest game of the year. But now, the hope is fading. Been day dreaming in the class with piles of assignments undone. I'm in deep shit.

colours of life.
The worthy winner will wear the yellow.
Young and energetic Best Young Rider will put on white.
Best overall sprinter deserves the green.
The Pokka Dot is meant for the King of Mountain.

this morning I unintentionally clocked my personal best for 7km.
In the evening I accidentally hit the highest average ever.
It shows that there're still room for improvement and I'm not working hard enough.
I'm not in the mood right now. rather lie low...

current life is caused by the past karma.

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