Saturday, October 29, 2011

military physical training

It has been months since my last PT. weeks of racing and exempted from military trainings allow me to improve my performance to peak my performance at the right time. So this morning, I'm back to my officer cadet's life and follow military training. Being a duathlete, my imbalance strength of my upper and lower body made me hate push ups and love running. My lower body is anytime stronger than my arms. Friends especially those gym boys with giant biceps will laugh when they see me doing knuckles, after 30 reps I'll be struggling to continue. Similar situation happen when come running, I'll Sprint from the back and smack their asses when I overtake them.

I'll give u an idea how it feels like to do PT. The only time u get to rest is during the 5 minutes warming up. After stretching all major muscles groups, u will never get to rest till the one and a half hour session ends. Normally we will start with 30 push ups. Then instructor pointed at the rugby goal post and shouted "Go!!!". Then start counting. We will sprint like mad man and try our very best to get back to him as quick as possible. The more he counts, the more push ups u will do next. Good runners normally get to rest a little before the crowd gathers. But still, before heart beat reaches zone 3, u will be commencing another exercise.30 reps of jack knife is more than enough to make my stomach sore. What I had in mind this morning was "I'm being paid to do this, just do it." Then the instructor made us sprint again, and again. It is exactly like intervals, with exercises in between. No rest! Before u could catch your breath, u will be running another round, doing another exercise. Prepare for the worst! I rather do normal PT than carry logs or Eco challenge or obstacles course. So today, I feel very grateful. Despite the pain and challenges, no body dares to complaint. All of us serve the Malaysian armed forces, under the command of His Majesty. thumb print of 10 fingers on our agreement has changed military to become not just our career, but is a life we have to bare with. We dont practice democracy, we preserve it.

The first 15 minutes of PT is the toughest. I was still very sleepy, moody, totally unwelcome this morning torture. Later on when the body warms up, it'll become ego unleashing time. Ruggers doing perfect push ups while looking at their proud big biceps, rowers keep starring at their tan lines on their arm while doing sit ups, and the triathletes anxiously waiting for the run. The girls, will look like zombie, about to die already. In the military, all for one and one for all. Collective punishments is how they cultivate cooperation and comradeship. One man cock up, whole squad take the punishments.

It is the instructor's dirty jokes that keep us cheerful.=p we love to listen to their career experiences, very interesting. Furthermore, we get to rest a little while waiting for then to finish talking. One thing I always hold on to, which I always remind myself when I'm struggling, "I will not die. Human body can do more than this". At the end of the session, we all go home with muddy dirty camouflage uniform. This weekly military training is a big factor how we maintain our BMI and fitness. Tired, cuts and bruises are very normal.

It's not the end of our Saturday yet! Within 30 minutes we gotta change to camo uniform, clean one. Then present ourselves for the next military theory class till evening. Academic assignments, no excuse, still have to do. Who is willing to undergo this kind of life? No wonder board of engineers think we are superman.
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Henry Wong said...

Sounds familiar :p

Chan Jun Shen said...

haha only those who have gone through will understand=)

Henry Wong said...

Is totally different lifestyle!