Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tears of Joy

UPNM Endurance Sports Club
Beware of who u are drafting
Final leg in University Malaya.
I came in 2nd to Amirul and slightly ahead of Tarmizi.
after working so hard on the bike and came in far ahead of chase pack, I was so touched knowing that it is very very possible for me to win this game. I nearly cried when entering transitions. Only spectators saw how far the gap was, and only 3 of us feel the pressure of becoming race leaders.
I have lots of ugly pictures during MUDS, Melody was right, we gotta smile all the time despite in pain. U see cameraman by the road side snapping u doing dangerous descend and snap attack capturing racer's emotions.

saw the result today. wanna cry already
UPNM won best university by 4000 over points.

3 days after race.
I'm still over the moon, been pampering myself with lots of junk food and cold drinks.
As I've said before, this is a race for bragging rights!
I worked very very hard together with my team mates to bring all 4 trophies back.

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