Monday, December 28, 2009

20th birthday

today is my 20th birthday..
last year i went Broga, felt the freedom and morning breeze on top Perez as my birthday celebration. this year, i got a big present from UPNM- THE YELLOW LANYARD..

UPNM officially awarded Lekir with the yellow lanyard, as an acknowledgment to the Royal Lekir's hard work and commitment through out the year. our achievement is great, and i'm proud to be part of Lekir=)

myself still not used to tell others that i'm 20 already.
when i got all the birthday wishes from family and friends, i'm very happy that i stand a place in their heart, and i appreciate it loads=)

this morning we started our class and did all the registration stuff. everything went well..

my birthday is end of the year, so normally i'll set new goal during my birthday. i have few upcoming race to go, and i hope to well in it despite lack of time to train. this month has been an exciting month for me, so many things happened.

few years back, i claimed that i'm the youngest in this and that.. now i'm 20.. no more "teen" age... guess i have to step forward and be more mature in every aspects of my life.

in the evening i spent my game parade by going for a 6.5km run and drills together with amirul.. asked him to look at my posture. had a great run today=)

i got around 100 birthday wished from my friends and family, in facebook, sms, and email=) thanks guys, u made my life colorful=) couldn't ask for more..
i had nasi kosong+udang+ayam masak lemak cili api for my brunch, cost me RM9.80.
my jaw dropped when he told me the price, then i told myself... Happy Birthday. haha
Dinner, ordered 2 Nasi Ayam Goreng and Tom Yum. itz a disappointment if any of u see my dinner. no choice, or else i have to walk to cadet's mess to have my birthday dinner.

this is how i celebrate my birthday=p hope my birthday roll call won't be so long.. wanna sleep early..


Cik LeYha~~~ said...


hepi bufday to u..

keep going with u achievements...=p

thurai OP said...

happy birthday chan js