Thursday, September 8, 2011

Posture Test

I made good use of the Seaview's treadmill to check my running posture.
Speed 16 is the maximum speed, and enough to mess up my running posture. so i went speed 10 to warm up, then speed 14, lastly speed 16.

from my observation, no serious heel striking. arm swing not so good, and leaning angle not as what I expected. there're drills i need to do to make myself a more efficient runner. by the way, I failed to maintain speed 16 for half an hour. so my unfinished business in Seaview remains unfinished.

I'm wondering if honesty is the best policy. being honest and straightforward, people will look at u differently. one day when u offended them, all the negative thoughts of u will spill out uncontrollably and the good things u have done will be sunk in the watery grave. My stay in Seaview, I learned some leadership qualities from a very friend of mine. So pure, so true. I understand the challenge of being true and honest in the military, but i'm ready to take it.

Must Watch! =)
Ironman Motivation

Adele - Rolling In the Deep


stupeed demon said...

Maybe it's the pace, but your shoulders look too high to me. Try to relax more and swing from the shoulder joint. The traps should be relaxed and don't jack up the whole shoulders.

Other than that, leg extension looks good and the knee lift is not bad too. Don't be too hard about the knee lift though as people might subconsciously chop their stride while on a treadmill. More so when the pace is a bit hard.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


Chan Jun Shen said...

Peter, that's the whole purpose of running at high pace, i wanna see if i can remain efficient when running beyond my comfortable pace. i totally agree with yr observation. my shoulders look a little too tense up. when running long distance at comfortable pace, my shoulders aren't that high. thanks for the feedback =)