Saturday, September 10, 2011

Digging Deep

on sale 40%.
3 months of surveying, weeks of sleepless night, days of decision making.
It takes less than 1 minute make the purchase.
Racers vs Trainers
the initial plan was to get another pair of better shoes than the racer. after considering my injury and over pronation, I have decided to race with a more stable shoes which many lightweight racers cannot fulfill. GT2150 is a little stiffer, but very stable. The forefoot is soft, and the padding at heel collar hugs my heel comfortably. will be my first time race and train with Asics, and I believe I'll see improvement. Asics shoes are super expensive! without discount, i won't even consider buying it. tell u what, both my Racers and Trainers are the very last pair on sale!
I guess these shoes are meant to be mine.
we are fated to be together=)

the bad news, I spent about RM800 on sports equipment this month. I bought 2 Running shoes which costs about RM600 after sale and a pair of racing tires. If i'm not earning my income and ask money from parents, don't u think they slaughter me? Looking at my 2 digits savings left, I will have to remind myself not to go cafe after this. gonna fill my stomach with Mess Cadet's food for the rest of my days till my next pay.

after many days of carefree life in Penang, now I'm back to my high performance maximum productivity life in KL. as i always say, my family is a high performance organization. structured like a military hierarchy, we work and move in a group, as a team. we discuss issues and solutions, we are problem solvers and event organizers for family gathering. it can be stressful most of the times, that's why i went to Penang to rest my mind a little and catch up with nice peoples over there.

days in KL have been filled with doing bike fit for a friend, fix grandma's gas hose, escorting the old relatives to go places, and listening to their life experiences. a good leader practices servant leadership, so I need to learn and understand how to serve people in order to be a good leader.
I promised myself to do at least a good thing a day.

I'll dig myself very deep to punch hard during racing, so does my bank account. I just dug a very big hole=p will spend most of my training hours with my new darling =)

don't be jealous=p
Secondhand Serenade - Fall For You.

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